Walmart, Home Depot, Walgreens, My Retirement Plan?


Hello Everyone,

Today is the big day.  Later on this afternoon I will have the honor of meeting our Delaware State Treasurer Ken Simpler.  I will use this opportunity to share the thoughts, stories, concerns and ideas that so many people have been sharing with me and other Local Association leaders.  One anecdote that was shared with me last night was excellent, and I think you may appreciate it.

Years ago when you shopped at a hardware store, pharmacy, grocery store,  etc. it was a local place, small, perhaps a “Mom and Pop” place where you felt comfortable.  Maybe they knew your name, or remembered the things you need, or maybe you just felt good about the familiarity of it all.

Over time we have experienced a shift to “The Big Box Store” model for so many of our needs.  Giant warehouses, heavy on the merchandise and light on the personal touch.  Lots of stuff, but little in the way of expertise and guidance.  Our current situation with the loss of our retirement plan choice and the disruption of our long standing relationships with our vendors is very reminiscent of this.  While I have no doubt VOYA is a good company with many good qualities, it would still be wrong to loose the choice that we have had for years and the relationships and trust that has been established.  While in retail it may be good for some, I am not sure that the “Box Store” concept is how I want my retirement plans managed.

In an attempt to continue to provide our friends with as much information as possible, I invite you to please visit the Treasurers web site.

In addition to our Call To Action communications with Legislators, please feel free to contact Treasurer Simpler’s office as well.

Contact Information

Delaware State Treasurer


Deputy State Treasurer


Executive Assistant to the State Treasurer


Investments and Banking

Director of Investments & Banking


Financial Investment Program Manager


Financial Investment Program Specialist



One thought on “Walmart, Home Depot, Walgreens, My Retirement Plan?

  1. We need to have freedom where our money is. Y are thay telling us where to put it. This is crazy he will not last much longer in office.


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